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All Apple Watch Models are Fully Customizable

Beyond just choosing the design of your Apple Watch, the digital watch face can be fully customized to showcase your personality, as well as the time and date, plus additional information you want at your fingertips (shown in Figure 3).

Figure 3

Figure 3 Apple Watch offers virtually unlimited customization options.

And, just like the iPhone and iPad, Apple Watch will come with a handful of preinstalled apps. However, additional apps from Apple and third parties can also be installed onto the wearable device to greatly expand its capabilities. Ultimately, how you utilize the Apple Watch in your daily life depends on what apps you install, how you personalize the device, and what other equipment you use the watch to exchange data with.

Apple Watch will soon introduce people to a new form of interactive technology. However, thanks to its user interface, this brand new wearable technology will be surprisingly familiar to current iPhone and iPad users who are already accustomed to launching apps from their device’s Home screen, and utilizing taps, figure gestures, and Siri to interact with apps.

Like the iPhones and iPad, the Apple Watch has the equivalent of a Home button that takes you from the time screen to the Home screen. Then, from the Home screen, it’s possible to launch apps simply by tapping on the screen or utilizing the digital crown. One really nice feature of the Apple Watch is that you never need to manually set the time or date. It automatically adjusts to the time zone you’re in and, when necessary, takes daylight saving time into account.

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