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Viewing Currently Running Apps

You can have many apps running at once on your iPad. In fact, after you launch an app, it will remain running by default even if you switch back to the home screen and run another app. Apps running in the background use little or no resources. You can think of them as paused apps. You can switch back to them at any time, and most apps will resume right where you left off.

  • circle-1.jpg Double-press the Home button.
  • circle-2.jpg This gives you a new view, called the Recents list, that shows all your currently running apps in a large horizontal list. The app you currently are using appears to the left, and the previous app that you used is in the middle. This lets you easily switch between the current app and the previous app.
  • circle-3.jpg Swipe left and right to see more items in the list. The further to the right in the list the app is located, the longer it has been since you last used it.
  • circle-4.jpg Icons for each app also appear at the bottom. You can tap on these icons just as you can tap on the screens. You can also swipe left and right among the icons to scroll through the list faster than by swiping left and right between the screens.
  • circle-5.jpg Another feature of the Recents list is a list at the top of recent contacts you have used. Tap any of these contacts to send a message or start a FaceTime call.

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