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The World of iPad Apps

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In this chapter from My iPad for Seniors, 2nd Edition, you learn how to go beyond the basic functionality of your iPad, and add more apps using the App Store.
This chapter is from the book

Apps that come with your iPad and Apple’s office apps, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are just the tip of the iceberg. The App Store contains hundreds of thousands of apps from third-party developers, with more added each day.

You use the App Store app to shop for and purchase new apps—although many are free. You can also rearrange the app icons on your Home screen pages to organize them.

Purchasing an App

Adding a new app to your iPad requires that you visit the App Store. You do that, not surprisingly, with the App Store app on your Home screen.

  • circle-1.jpg Tap the App Store icon on your Home screen.

  • circle-2.jpg If this is the first time you have used the App Store, you see the featured apps at the top of the screen. Otherwise, tap the Featured button at the bottom.
  • circle-3.jpg Swipe left or right to view more featured apps. You can do the same for the sections below, which often change to feature different types of apps.
  • circle-4.jpg Swipe up to scroll down and see more featured apps.
  • circle-5.jpg Tap Top Charts to see the top paid apps and top free apps.

  • circle-6.jpg Tap Categories to see a list of app categories. Another way to see apps by category is to tap the Explore button at the bottom of the screen.
  • circle-7.jpg Tap any category to go to the page of featured apps in that category.

  • circle-8.jpg Use the search box to search for an app by keyword.
  • circle-9.jpg The button at the top lets you filter between iPad apps and iPhone apps. Apps that are optimized to work well with both screen sizes will appear in both.
  • circle-10.jpg Select whether you want to see apps that are free or both free and paid.
  • circle-11.jpg Select a category to narrow down the search results.
  • circle-12.jpg Choose how you want the results to be ordered: relevance, popularity, ratings, or release date.
  • circle-13.jpg Tap an app to read more about it.

  • circle-14.jpg The app’s page displays screenshots, other apps by the same company, and user reviews.
  • circle-15.jpg Tap on the price on the left under the large icon to purchase an app. It changes to a Buy App button. Tap it again. If you have already purchased the app, the button will say Open, and you can launch the app by tapping the button. If you have purchased the app in the past, but don’t currently have it on your iPad, you will see a cloud/download button that lets you download the app again. You do not pay again for an app you have already purchased.
  • circle-16.jpg Swipe up to read the description of the app.
  • circle-17.jpg Tap Reviews to look at reviews for the app.
  • circle-18.jpg Scroll left and right to flip through the screenshots for the app.

  • circle-19.jpg When you purchase an app, it starts installing, and you can watch the progress from the app’s information page in the App Store app or from the location of the app’s icon on your Home screen.

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