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Don’t Ignore Your Users

Knowing who your users are and how they are looking at your site is crucial for success with your design. Different operating systems have different design paradigms that users are taught to recognize and use to quickly and effectively manage the applications running on that system. If you have users that are primarily using a specific device type, it would be helpful to offer an experience that caters to those users. Depending on the locale of your users, things like colors, images, typography, and interaction can change dramatically.

When you have a user base that is more than half of one type of browser or OS, you should start to consider what changes you can make to your design that would help them use your service more effectively, or if you are selling something, help them convert faster. Keep in mind that your design can still be creative, new, and bold; however it should also have a hint of familiarity that helps users use your site in a natural fashion.

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