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Receiving and Reading Email in Gmail

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In this lesson from Gmail in 10 Minutes, Sams Teach Yourself, 2nd Edition, you learn how to receive, read, and reply to Gmail messages.
This chapter is from the book

Reading an Email Message

Gmail automatically and frequently checks for new email messages sent to you, whenever your computer or mobile device is turned on and connected to the Internet. If you want to manually check for new messages, open your inbox and then click the Refresh button above the message list.

To view all messages you’ve received, click Inbox in the navigation sidebar and then click the tab you want to view. Your most important messages should be on the Primary tab; other messages might be on the Social, Promotions, Updates, or Forums tabs.

As shown in Figure 4.1, all unread messages are displayed in bold against a white background. Messages you’ve read are displayed in nonbold type against a shaded background. All messages in your inbox show the sender’s name, a message subject, a short snippet of message text, and the date on which the message was sent.


FIGURE 4.1 Email messages in the Gmail inbox.

To read a given message, follow these steps:

  1. From the Gmail inbox, click the tab that contains the type of message you want to view. Your most important messages should be on the Primary tab.
  2. Select the message you want to read and click anywhere on that message’s message line.
  3. The full text of the message is displayed, as shown in Figure 4.2. You can now reply to, forward, or delete the message, as described in the following sections.

    FIGURE 4.2

    FIGURE 4.2 Reading a Gmail message.

  4. To return to the inbox, click the Back to Inbox button above the message.
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