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CompTIA Certifications

Don't laugh. Some MCSEs snicker when I talk about the value of CompTIA's certification. But certifications are a way to prove you know your stuff—and could give you a slight edge in an interview. CompTIA has several titles that an MCSE could easily obtain with a little study and experience.

Consider the A+ certification; it is comprised of an exam on hardware technologies and another on operating system technologies. It's not a tough exam, and an MCSE should be able to pass it with ease.

And then there's the Network+ certification. This exam covers your knowledge of networking from TCP/IP to client/server environments. An MCSE should be able to pop through this exam today. Yes, today.

If you've worked with Internet technologies, or plan to, consider the I-Net+ exam. This exam focuses on Internet topics such as HTML, e-commerce, Web servers, intranets, and similar issues.

Although there are several CompTIA certifications, one of the most recent titles is the IT Project+. This exam not only tests your ability in technology, but your business sense as well. In case you couldn't guess, this exam will challenge your IT project-management skills.

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