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Embed Analytics

On-demand or ad hoc analytics are analytic models that are executed occasionally and provide a “point in time” insight that can be used by a human to inform decisions and take a course of action. While this approach is useful and provides value, it is slowed down by the human interaction. Think about financial traders of years gone by. Traders would run desktop tools on the trading floor to understand complex financial market interdependencies. The tools would produce a “spot”—or instance in time—view of the market, and the trader would use that to inform them as to what to buy or sell. Today, the capital markets are dominated by “algorithmic trading,” where a sophisticated program, which embodies a newer generation of the algorithms that were in the desktop tools, automatically makes trades. Eliminating human interaction and embedding analytics into the complex financial market process eliminates friction in the overall system. When the analytic models are built into the process, repeatability and scalability are achieved. This relentless execution drives incalculable business value in the marketplace.

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