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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Common Files

The files in the Common folder aren’t included in a project created from the Blank App template, but there’s some useful stuff here. We’ll be discussing all of these and the issues they address in later chapters, but here’s a preview of coming attractions:

  • common_circle.jpg Navigation Helper
  • Most of the Visual Studio templates, including the Hub app we just created, include the ability to navigate forward and backward through you app’s pages. The NavigationHelper provides support for this functionality, which we’ll explore in detail in Chapter 13.
  • common_circle.jpg ObservableDictionary
  • The ObservableDictionary is a standard dictionary object (that is, it has keys defined as Strings and entries defined as Objects) that supports data binding. ObservableDictionary is the default type of the ViewModel implemented by the Visual Studio templates. We’ll discuss MVVM and ViewModels (briefly) on the next page, and data binding in Chapter 12.
  • common_circle.jpg RelayCommand
  • Relay commands are a common method of implementing commanding across app levels when using the MVVM design pattern. You can use the RelayCommand class implemented by the templates in your own code, and it’s also used by the NavigationHelper class.
  • common_circle.jpg SuspensionManager
  • The SuspensionManager class handles saving and restoring state information when a user switches to another app. We’ll discuss suspension in Chapter 14.
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