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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Certify your App


There’s one last step before you’re ready to deploy your app: certification testing. Of course, Windows has always had various certification tests, but for the first time it’s a requirement for application development. The process is simple. Here’s how:

common_circle.jpg Start the Windows App Certification Kit

The Windows App Certification Kit is a separate application, not part of Visual Studio. You’ll find it on the Start Screen.


common_circle.jpg Choose Validate Windows Store App

Once you start the certification kit from the Start Menu, you’ll probably get a UAC warning. You need to grant the application permission to make changes, and then it will display a menu asking what you want done. Select the first option.

common_circle.jpg Select our Sample App

Once you select the type of test to perform, the application will display a progress screen and then present you with a list of installed Win8 apps. Scroll down to our sample app, select it, and click Next.

common_circle.jpg Choose the Tests

You really should run all the tests before you submit to the Store, but you have the option of running them one at a time. We’ll run the whole suite this time, so choose Next. (You might want to go get some fresh coffee at this point, because certification takes some time.)

common_circle.jpg Save the File

Eventually the certification kit will ask you for a name and location for the XML file it generates. I usually put it in the project directory, but you can put it wherever you like:

common_circle.jpg Get the Verdict

Once you select a file name and location, the certification kit will generate the report and give you the results:

common_circle.jpg View the Results

When you click on the hyperlink, the certification kit will give you the option of what tool to use to view the xml report. You’ll probably want to choose Internet Explorer. (Visual Studio will display the raw XML, which isn’t as easy to read.) Here’s our result:

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