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Wrapping Up

This chapter discusses the different ways that app projects fail and provides some tips about what can be done about it. Here are some key points to take away:

  • Despite the relatively small size of app development projects, they are still software development projects, and many of them fail.
  • App projects can fail by taking too long or costing too much, even if the app produced at the end is acceptable.
  • A number of factors make mobile development more difficult than web development, but inexperienced programmers don’t always recognize that.
  • Even experienced development companies with good reputations can have failing projects.
  • Good requirements are key to getting a good estimate, a good project, and a good app. And they don’t just have to be defined well but also have to be communicated well.
  • To the extent possible, uncertainty and risk need to be pushed early into the project schedule to avoid catastrophic failure at the end.
  • Testing should never be left until the end of a project.
  • You can prevent project failure. It’s difficult, but this book is here to help.
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