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Dumpster Diving

Dumpster diving is the name for the practice of going through trash for “goodies” such as credit card applications and other items considered to be junk by the person throwing out the material. In the hands of an identity thief, some of this trash can be transformed into gold in ways an early alchemist could never have imagined. Go to any post office and inevitably you will find in their trash containers much of this information that owners of post office boxes toss out when they go through their mail before they leave the post office. Too often people do not even bother to tear up the items. In the case of preapproved credit card offers, all the identity thief has to do is fill in the application, change the address, and send it back to the bank. In short order the thief will receive a credit card, and a careless individual will become the victim of identity theft as the identity thief begins to use the credit card and runs up debt in the victim’s name.

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