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Introduction to "SOA with Java"

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Thomas Erl et al. describe the objectives and organization of their book, SOA with Java: Realizing Service-Orientation with Java Technologies, explain who the book is for, and what is not actually covered.
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1.1 About This Book

The Java platform has evolved significantly over the past decade and has become a preferred platform for building Web-based enterprise applications. The service-orientation paradigm introduces a number of requirements and design principles that formalize the application of Java platforms and technologies in support of the strategic goals of service-oriented computing. This book explores service-oriented solution design and implementation through the application of techniques and best practices that utilize Java technology advances.

Objectives of This Book

This book was written with the following primary goals in mind:

  • to provide coverage of contemporary Java distributed technologies and modern service technologies
  • to document the application of service-orientation principles to the Java technology platform
  • to explore the application of SOA design patterns to various Java technologies and solutions built with these technologies
  • to provide coverage of Java infrastructure extensions relevant to service-oriented solutions

Who This Book Is For

This book can be used as a tutorial and reference text intended for the following types of readers:

  • experienced Java developers and architects who want to learn how to apply service-orientation principles and select SOA design patterns in order to create shared services and service-oriented solutions
  • enterprise architects that want to learn more about how to position and establish Java platforms and technologies within an IT enterprise that has or will undergo SOA adoption
  • developers who want to build solutions using modern Java service technologies

What This Book Does Not Cover

This is not a “how-to” book for Java. Although the chapters in Part I contain a great deal of introductory coverage of Java distributed technologies, the overall purpose of this book is to explore the intersection of Java technologies and the application of service-orientation principles and SOA design patterns. You should not proceed to read this book if you are new to Java.

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