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What's Next?

Now that you've filled your toolbox, what will you do? Continue to concentrate on gathering data:

  • Develop a program to check server and backup logs regularly, ensuring that systems are operating properly.

  • Identify system and network parameters that indicate the health and efficiency of the network. Continually check these parameters to ensure against adverse trends. If you can identify an upgrade need early enough, you can keep your network functioning without worrying about recovering from an unexpected crash.

It's just as important to know what's going to happen, as to know what has happened. In addition to checking on the health of your network, make sure that you're "in the loop" with the organization's leadership:

  • Can you expect the organization to expand in the near future? Will you need to expand the network? Will there be any requirements for new client/server software? What's the plan for migration, upgrade, and the general future?

  • Will business hours change?

Now that your toolbox is full and you're gathering data about your network and business environment, you're set to proactively manage your information-systems resources. Because you're keeping "ahead of the network," your systems will continue to function efficiently, your users will remain content and productive, and you'll experience a great deal of job satisfaction. Enjoy!

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