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Be a Professional: Pass MCSE Exam 70-210 With Ease

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MCSE Exam 70-210, the exam on Windows 2000 Professional, is an excellent place to begin your quest for the Windows 2000 MCSE. But don't start on the wrong foot. Just because this exam focuses on a workstation operating system doesn't mean it's easy. In fact, this exam can make you run the gauntlet. The Professional exam presents topics that range from hardware troubleshooting to interaction with servers. Let expert Joseph Phillips give you the help you need to successfully study for and pass the Windows 2000 MCSE Professional exam.
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Be a Professional: Pass MCSE Exam 70-210 with Ease

Ready to get started on your MCSE for Windows 2000? This exam on Windows 2000 Professional is an excellent place to begin. But don't be fooled; just because this exam is on a workstation operating system doesn't mean that it's less difficult than exams that are server-centric. The Professional exam presents topics that range from hardware troubleshooting to interaction with servers.

The good news on this exam is that the questions are direct and generally test on the mainstream concepts of Windows 2000 Professional. The bad news, however, is there are questions that require plenty of reading—sometimes more than a screen full of text.

You may also encounter questions that use a drag-and-drop technology. These questions require you to arrange graphics in a correct order or place them on certain network components to complete the answer. In addition, you can expect scenario-based questions that require you to determine whether the proposed action would really solve the presented problem or just make things worse.

Installing Windows 2000 Professional

Know how to install Windows 2000 Professional. For starters, memorize the minimum hardware requirements to install 2000. Next, learn how to install Professional from scratch and how to install Professional as an operating system upgrade. You should know which operating systems 2000 can be upgraded from—and what happens during the upgrade process. It would behoove you to know how to install 2000 in a dual-boot environment, as well.

Learn how and when to use two new tools for Windows 2000 installs: Setup Manager and RIS. Setup Manager is a simple wizard that walks you through the process of creating an answer file. You'll need to know what you do with the answer file once it's been created.

RIS (Remote Installation Services) allows you to create images and deploy them via the network from a RIS Server. RIS is part of the TCO (total cost of ownership) initiative. One of the goals of RIS is to reduce the number of hours necessary to deploy the operating system.


Study Hint: Know the steps to create a RIS Server, and deploy Windows 2000 images to clients.

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