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Muscle Your Way Past MCSE Exam 70-215

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Windows 2000 Server: the heart of a Microsoft network. MCSE Exam 70-215 has proven to be a stumbling block for some and a stepping-stone for others. Start prepping today, and you'll be on the way to your Windows 2000 MCSE. This article by expert Joseph Phillips examines the test objectives and offers a study strategy for each objective. Ready? Let's get started!
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Muscle Your Way Past MCSE Exam 70-215

As you've hopefully heard by now, there's lots of muscle packed into Windows 2000 Server. If you're getting geared up for this exam, don't let all that brawn scare you. You can break this exam down into logical sections and then it really isn't so tough.

To prepare yourself to pass Exam 70-215, I recommend that you spend plenty of time working with the product. If you can, create a test lab with at least two servers and a client such as Windows 2000 Professional. This guide will introduce you to the test objectives and offer a study strategy for each. Ready? Let's get started!

Installing Windows 2000 Server

The logical place to start is with installing 2000 Server. You'll need to be familiar with the minimum requirements to install the operating system. Walk through the process of installing Windows 2000 Server a couple of times and you'll be fine.

Next, you'll want to master the art of installing Server through unattended installations. Familiarize yourself with Setup Manager to create answer files for different scenarios. Know the mechanics of using UDFs (Unique Database Files) and the associated switches.

Of course, you'll also need to know how to upgrade a Windows NT 4.0 Server to a Windows 2000 Server. Pay close attention to the process of upgrading a domain controller to Windows 2000 versus a member server. As with any install, know the recovery process for failed installations.

Finally, this objective calls for the understanding of deploying service packs. Know who can, and who can't, install a service pack on 2000 Servers.


Study Hint: Learn the switches for WINNT and WINNT32.

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