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Installing, Configuring, Managing, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting Network Protocols in a Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure

If you've been around Microsoft networks for any time at all, this objective isn't too tough. You'll need to know the attributes of TCP/IP and NWLink—and when to use each. You should know how to configure bindings on servers that have different network roles.

Familiarize yourself with Network Monitor and its capability to capture specific types of data. Know how to monitor network traffic for a particular protocol or service.

Included in this objective is IPSec, the security protocol. You should know how to enable IPSec, when to use it (tunnel mode versus transport mode), and why. You can expect to be tested on IPSec in conjunction with RAS and VPNs. Spend some time implementing IPSec and studying how it works.


Study Hint: Know IPSec in tunnel mode (VPNs).

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