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Configuring, Managing, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting Remote Access in a Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure

You will be thoroughly tested on your knowledge of RRAS. Start with the basics: Know how to configure a Windows 2000 Server as a RAS server. Configure inbound connections for users; to do so, create a remote access policy to control dial-in access. The key word here is policy. You should know how to control user's dial-in hours, types of access, and protocols that can be used. Don't forget to address the support of multilink connections. Recall that multilink is the capability to use, for example, two modems as one connection to increase throughput.

Next, know how to create a VPN (Virtual Private Network). You'll need to be able to know why you need a VPN, how to create the connection, and how to control users that can use the connection. VPNs are an exciting part of 2000, so you can expect to be tested on them.

Because RRAS connections can be a security threat, you'll need to know how to secure the data and authentications to and from the RRAS server. Specifically, know in detail the authentication protocols and encryption protocols. You really need to know the attributes of each to pass this section of the exam.


Study Hint: Remote access can best be controlled through a policy. Know how to create and troubleshoot RRAS policies.

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