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Designing for Internet Connectivity

Everybody needs the Internet, right? Well, at least on this exam they do. You'll need to know the way organizations can use Windows 2000 to integrate a network with the Internet. This means you'll need hands-on experience with Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS).

You'll need to know how and when to use Network Address Translation (NAT). In addition, this objective requires you have knowledge of Proxy Server, firewalls, Web servers, and mail servers. Don't forget that you'll most likely need to integrate Internet services into your DNS servers.

When you are configuring firewalls, you'll have to "open" specific ports for different services. It would behoove you to know the ports required for network services such as mail, Proxy servers, Telnet, and FTP.


Study Hint: Learn the DNS and IIS round-robin feature, and how to implement it. It's needed for load balancing.

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