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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Correcting a Shaky Movie

Due to the nature of handheld video cameras, sometimes you record a movie that has shaky video. iMovie has a fix for this problem by zooming in and cropping the clip to smooth out the video.

  1. In the Event Browser or the movie timeline, select a clip with shaky video by clicking it.

  2. Click the Adjust button to display the Adjustment bar above the Viewer. You can also right-click a clip in the movie timeline and choose Adjust from the context menu.
  3. Click the Stabilization button to see the Stabilization options.

  4. Select the Stabilize Shaky Video check box.

  5. While iMovie is stabilizing the video, an indicator shows that work is in progress. When it’s finished, the Stabilize Shaky Video check box displays a check mark, and the Stabilize Shaky Video slider displays the amount of stabilization applied to the clip. You can still work with iMovie while the clip is being stabilized, though not with the clip that is being stabilized.

  6. Preview the stabilized movie by moving your mouse into the Viewer, which causes the Playback options to display, and then click the Play button.
  7. Adjust the Stabilize Shaky Video slider if you need more stabilization applied. The Viewer displays the clip with the new stabilization setting. The more stabilization you apply, the more iMovie zooms in on the clip and the more it crops it, enabling a smoother playback of the video.

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