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Quitting Siri

Leave Siri mode by pressing the Home button or saying “Goodbye.” This returns you to your normal iOS home screen. If you say “Quit,” Siri responds, “Did I say something wrong? If you really want me to go away, at least say ‘goodbye.’” and “Quit? Did you mean ‘goodbye’?” (see Figure 1.9).

Figure 1-9

Figure 1-9 To leave Siri mode by voice, say “Goodbye.” Telling Siri “Quit” or “Go away” does not end your Siri interaction.

Asking Siri to “go away” or “leave” won’t work, but you can say any of the following to exit Siri mode:

  • “Goodbye”
  • “Bye”
  • “Bye-bye”
  • “So long”
  • “Adios”
  • “See you later”
  • “See you”
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