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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Batch Changing Titles, Dates, and Descriptions

iPhoto offers a Batch Change feature if you find you have hundreds and hundreds of photos to add similar titles, dates, or descriptions to.

  1. Select the photos or events so yellow boxes highlight them.
  2. Select Photos, Batch Change.

  3. Select what you want to change—Title, Date, or Description—from the Set drop-down menu.
  4. For Title, you can set the following from the To drop-down menu:

    • Empty: This clears any previous title name from the photographs.
    • Text: Any text you enter in the text field becomes the photos’ titles. You can check Append a Number to Each Photo to add a sequential number after each one. For example, if you title the photos as “Cool,” all the images selected will be named “Cool – 1,” “Cool – 2,” and so on.
    • Event Name: This assigns the name of the photo’s event as the photo’s title.
    • Filename: This changes the photos’ names to their individual filenames from their Exif data.
    • Date/Time: This changes the titles of each photo to the photos’ dates and times.
  5. For Date, you can enter the date and time you want the photos to have. Check the Add check box and set the incremental time between each photo.

  6. For Description, you can enter a short description in the text box. Check the Append to Existing Description check box to add the Batch Change description to any existing descriptions.
  7. Click the OK button to finalize the batch change.

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