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Use AirDrop to Wirelessly Share Images

One of the new features added to iOS 7 is the capability to wirelessly send photos and certain other app-specific content to other iPhone or iPad users who are in close proximity to you. This can be done using the AirDrop feature. Keep in mind that this feature works only with the more recent iPhone and iPad models and is not compatible with the AirDrop feature offered for the Mac (as part of OS X Mavericks).

To turn on AirDrop, access the Control Center. To do this, place your finger near the bottom of the iPhone or iPad’s screen and flick upward. Next, tap on the AirDrop button. A Control Center menu appears, shown in Figure 6-31, that enables you to turn on this feature, plus decide who you’ll be able to use it with. Your options include Contacts Only (meaning people with entries in your Contacts database) or Everyone (meaning any iPhone/iPad user in your proximity).


FIGURE 6-31 Turn on or off the AirDrop feature from iOS 7’s Control Center.

When AirDrop is turned on, when you access the Share menu in the Photos app, tap on the AirDrop option. Thumbnails representing iPhone or iPad users who are nearby and who have AirDrop on their device turned on are displayed in the Share Menu screen (shown in Figure 6-32).


FIGURE 6-32 When AirDrop is available, icons representing nearby iPhone or iPad users are displayed in your Share menu.

Preselect the images you want to send in the Photos app, and then tap on the person’s thumbnail image. A wireless connection between the two devices is established. On the recipient’s screen, an AirDrop pop-up window appears, asking whether he or she wants to accept or decline your images (see Figure 6-33). If the recipient taps the Accept button, the images are sent from your iOS mobile device to the recipient’s device. This AirDrop pop-up window appears in the center of the screen, regardless of what the other person is currently using the device for.


FIGURE 6-33 When you send someone photos via AirDrop, a pop-up window allowing the recipient to accept or decline the images is displayed on the device’s screen.

When the images are transferred, the word Sent appears on your iPhone or iPad, immediately below the other person’s thumbnail. If the images are declined by the other person, the word Declined appears below that person’s thumbnail.

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