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Creating and Sharing Notebooks in OneNote 2013

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OneNote 2013 is the note-taking and sharing utility included in Microsoft Office 2013. This article shows you how to create and share OneNote notebooks easily in the cloud so you and your teammates can capture those million dollar ideas wherever you might be in the world.
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OneNote may be the unsung hero of the Office 2013 suite. Today we all need effective ways to manage the huge volume of information pouring toward us on a daily basis. Whether you're gathering information for a report, working on a shared project, gathering statistics for a presentation, or brainstorming the next issue of a magazine, having a smart, efficient, and accessible way to store, organize, and find that information is key to being able to use it effectively in your work.

OneNote enables you to create notebooks—lots of notebooks—and share them with others on your team. The sharing happens virtually, so the folks you're sharing with can access the notebook wherever they happen to be logging in—on their phones, on the web, at the office, or at home. This article shows you how to create and share notebooks in OneNote 2013.

Creating a New Notebook

Begin by launching OneNote 2013 from your Windows 8.1 Start screen. Click or tap the File tab and choose New; the New Notebook screen appears.

OneNote does all its sharing in SkyDrive, so choose your SkyDrive option, enter a name for the notebook, and click or tap Create Notebook (see Figure 1).

Figure 1 Choose New in the File tab to create a new notebook

OneNote displays a note to let you know that the notebook has been created and asks whether you want to share the notebook now (see Figure 2). To share the notebook, click or tap Invite People. To postpone sharing and add it later, click Not Now.

Figure 2 OneNote gives you the option of sharing the notebook as soon as you create it

Sharing a Notebook

Before you can share a notebook in OneNote, you first need to save the notebook to SkyDrive because that's where the sharing takes place. You can then choose the people you want to invite to share the notebook. You can do this step right after you create the notebook (by clicking the Invite People button in the message box), or you can choose Share in the File tab of OneNote and select Invite People.

In the Invite People screen, type the email addresses of the people you want to share the notebook with (see Figure 3). In the control to the right of the email field (where it says Can Edit), click or tap the arrow and choose the editing privileges you want to assign to the users you're inviting. You can choose either Can Edit or Can View.

Figure 3 The Invite People screen enables you to enter the email addresses of people with whom you want to share the notebook; you can also set editing privilege and add a personal note

In the message area, type a note to the recipients, letting them know the purpose of the invitation and telling them a bit about what you'll hope they'll do with the notebook you're sharing.

Beneath the message box, click Require User to Sign In Before Accessing Document if you want users to be logged in before they can make changes. (Note that this is an optional setting, however—it's up to you.)

Finally, click or tap Share to share the notebook. The invitations are sent, and the users you invited will be able to access and work with the notebook as you specified.

If your PC is connected to a domain, Family Safety might not be available. Check with your system administrator.

Final Thoughts

If you are part of a creative team and you're looking for a smart central location to share your great ideas, look no farther than OneNote 2013.

Now you can create and share notebooks in the cloud and invite others to easily edit or view the notebooks. That should keep you all riffing on your ideas for a good long while.

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