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Rules for Success in the New Economy #2: Sell Anything

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In this article, e-commerce expert Frank Fiore explains that what's offered to consumers on the Net is limited only by your company's imagination and the Internet technology that you can create to deliver it.
This article is adapted from e-Marketing Strategies.
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Network Becomes Networld

As the months go by, it seems companies are selling almost anything to any audience on the Net. Just about every traditional and conceivable product or service has been explored and offered to online consumers. In addition, an alphabet soup of selling channels have emerged, including business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B), business to government (B2G), business to employee (B2E), and consumer to consumer (C2C), each with its own particular approach to selling products, services, or information online.

"Find a need and fill it" is the battle cry of e-commerce. Once a need is found, the Net makes it easy to serve. The ingenuity of today's e-businesses is limited only by their ability to slice-and-dice the marketplace into an almost infinite variety of niche markets. This ability to create something new—something that has no real-world counterpart—is driven by the unique technology of the Internet. But this unique capability of the Net technology has its critics. Not only has it opened doors to commerce opportunities, but it has started a battle over who really owns the content of the Internet.

As more and more e-businesses remodel themselves into information companies, the debate over who owns this content will come to center stage. And this debate will affect what your e-business can or can't sell—sooner rather than later.

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