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Letting XML Carry the JavaScript/DHTML Load

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Having successfully provided the groundwork for an HTML-based data grid, expert Web developer Bob Grogan sets out to incorporate the exciting world of XML to further complicate matters.
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Introduction to Utopia

Utopia? Perhaps a little vainglorious, perhaps not. Depends on your experience. Here is the scenario—a Web development platform where the data drives the presentation. A world in which the same script code, with little modification, is capable of running on a telephone or the next generation of graphical desktop browsers. A world in which the data distributed is capable of tailoring itself to the platform.

It's very nearly impossible to keep up with the changing standards and new technologies being added to the grand vision that is XML. For the purpose of this discussion, I'll stick to plain XML parsing simply to demonstrate how powerful the concept of structured, text-based data can be. Queries, transforms, and whatnot are all just gravy.

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