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Tip 9: Act on Things Immediately

As an effective time manager, I act on things immediately because I know that tomorrow I will have ten more things I must do. Take things step-by-step, and do what you say you will as part of your brand building. This way, you will be known for following up and following through.

I’ll never forget the voice mail message I received from a financial advisor named Michelle who had enjoyed my first book on networking and said that she had learned a lot of things that she had never considered before. She was so surprised that I called her back—yet follow-up is one of the best practices of essential networking. Over time, she introduced me to a woman named Annmarie Woods of Mainstay Investments. We met and started working together later and became great friends. Over the years, from that one phone call and follow-up, I have worked with many people at Annmarie’s firm and with other colleagues who left to join other firms. It is all about the follow-up.

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