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Tip 3: The ABCs of Networking

I created this list of ABC’s as a simple way to remember some tactical and strategic networking actions:

  1. Take action with a positive attitude.
  2. Belong to groups. Build your brand.
  3. Connect with your contacts consistently and cultivate a relationship.
  4. Deliver above expectations.
  5. Engage, evolve, and empathize.
  6. Take a friendly approach.
  7. Set goals. “Go for it.” Show gratitude. Be giving.
  8. Humor and help go hand in hand.
  9. Be interested and have integrity.
  10. Join and get involved.
  11. Keep in touch and be kind.
  12. Listen and learn.
  13. Motivate yourself.
  14. Niceness pays.
  15. Ask open-ended questions. Take opportunities.
  16. Professionalism pays. Practice it.
  17. Set your own quota.
  18. Be a resource and do your research.
  19. Be strategic and wear a smile.
  20. Timing is everything. Trust is key.
  21. Understand others.
  22. Be versatile.
  23. Write letters and cards.
  24. Do it with love, XOXO (or at least like).
  25. Focus on “you”—meaning the other person you are connecting with.
  26. Have a zeal for the possibilities of new and nurtured relationships.
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