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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Changing Your Screen Saver

Originally invented to stop the kind of screen burn-in that you see on automatic teller machines, screen savers are actually little more than pretty entertainment these days. But that shouldn’t prevent you from using them; screen savers provide some privacy, shielding your screen from casual observers, as well as being fun to look at.

  • circle-1.jpg Choose Apple menu, System Preferences.
  • circle-2.jpg Click the Desktop & Screen Saver button to see your choices.
  • circle-3.jpg Click the Screen Saver button, and then click a screen saver in the list to select it. Click the Screen Saver Options button.

  • circle-4.jpg Use the settings in this dialog box to change settings specific to each screen saver. Click OK when finished.

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