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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Sending Video to Apple TV

When you have an Apple TV installed on your network, you can use AirPlay to choose what video gets sent to what device—your connected monitors or an HDTV. This means you can use your TV as a second or third monitor, or just send music and video to the big screen for optimal viewing. AirPlay isn’t new with Mavericks, but before Mavericks you could only mirror whatever was showing on your primary display. Now you can play video on TV while still using your Mac normally.

  • circle-1.jpg To play videos in iTunes, open iTunes.

  • circle-2.jpg Click the AirPlay menu in the iTunes menu and choose Apple TV.
  • circle-3.jpg Choose the content you want to view on your HDTV and click Play.
  • circle-4.jpg Control playback with your Mac’s mouse or using the Apple Remote that came with your Apple TV.

  • circle-5.jpg To use your HDTV as an additional display, choose Apple TV from the AirPlay menu in your menu bar.

  • circle-6.jpg To get a bird’s-eye view of what’s on your computer screen and what’s on your TV screen, press the Mission Control button or F9.

  • circle-7.jpg Switch windows from one screen to another by dragging them to the thumbnail of your choice at the top of the screen.

  • circle-8.jpg Turn off AirPlay by choosing Disconnect AirPlay Display in the AirPlay menu.

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