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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Kid Mode

Your HTC One has a built-in feature that allows you to put it into Kid Mode. While in Kid Mode, your HTC One will not allow visits to non-age-appropriate websites and allows access only to the games and apps that you have set up for them.

First-Time Setup

  1. Touch the Kid Mode icon.

  2. Touch Get Started.

  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Type a password that you want to use when setting up and configuring Kid Mode.
  5. Touch Save.

  6. Type the name of your child.
  7. Choose your child’s birth month and year.
  8. Touch to add a picture of your child if you want to.
  9. Touch Done.

  10. Touch to edit the list of apps your child has access to.
  11. Touch to turn on Child Lock (or enable Kid Mode).

  12. Touch Begin to start enabling Kid Mode.

  13. Select Kid Mode.
  14. Touch Always to complete the enablement of Kid Mode.

  15. Your child will touch on his or her picture to open content specific to them.

Further Kid Mode Configuration

You can use your desktop computer to browse to http://Zoodles.com to log in to your Zoodles account and manage Zoodle. You can also use the Parent Dashboard app to set up many of the features right from your HTC One.

  1. Touch Parent Dashboard.

  2. Choose one of the basic features to configure.
  3. Choose one of the premium features to configure.
  4. Touch to exit the Parent Dashboard.

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