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Understanding Foreign Currency Exchange Using XE Currency Converter

When traveling abroad, it is essential to keep track of your spending and to be familiar with the currency in whatever country you are traveling. Understanding the relationship between your own currency, and the currency where you are traveling, ensures that you will not make costly errors when making purchases internationally. The App XE Currency Converter is a very helpful tool when you are in a land with an unfamiliar currency.

  • red_01.jpg Search the App Store for XE Currency. Tap Free and then tap Install to download and install the app. Tap the XE Currency icon on your home screen to open it.

  • red_02.jpg A Getting Started option enables you to become familiar with the app. It provides pop-up notes that describe the different parts of the app. You can find Getting Started by tapping on the ? at the top.
  • red_03.jpg Choose your “from” currency. This will be the currency you are familiar with. This example uses U.S. dollars.

  • red_04.jpg Tap any other currency to change your “from” currency.

  • red_05.jpg You can now change the amount or activate the calculator to see the relationship between your currency and what you are considering spending in the new currency.

  • red_06.jpg Currency rates change continually. XE Currency provides the opportunity to refresh the rates by tapping the Refresh icon or change the settings to have the rates refresh automatically at intervals you choose.
  • red_07.jpg Tap Done.

  • red_08.jpg After you enter an amount and activated the calculator, the conversion rates you’re looking for display on the screen.

    There are several other options to add currencies and further refine your use of XE Currency, but the primary objective when traveling is to know the value of the currency you are working with in relation to your home currency.

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