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Why Wireless ASPs Are Slow In Getting Traction

The top reasons that executives mentioned for not using a wireless ASP are the following:

  • Concerns about the security of the data

  • Perceived lack of control

  • Expense

  • Performance and reliability of the application service

Additionally, conversations with executives reveal two areas in which U.S. end users differ significantly from European end users. U.S. end users are more concerned about the lack of control that comes with outsourcing to a wireless ASP, whereas end users in Europe are more concerned about the expense of working with a wireless ASP. This is probably a consequence of the smaller overall IT budgets in Europe, and the perception that wireless ASPs are expensive.

Reasons for Not Considering Wireless ASPs by Industry

From the banking and financial services sectors, respondents' primary concerns were about the lack of control, followed by the security of their data. Similarly, those from businesses in manufacturing, transportation, and government see security of the data as the top concern.

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