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Java 8: Lambda Expressions and Streams: The Simplest Way to Write Lambdas

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Java 8, the next iteration of the JDK, is currently scheduled for general availability in March 2014. In this video, bestselling author and world-renowned instructor Marty Hall provides an overview of the simplest, although not the most common, way of writing lambdas. The video tutorial is an excerpt from Java 8: Lambda Expressions and Streams LiveLessons (Video Training), which provides more than 3 hours of video instruction covering the most important new features introduced in Java 8. The course was designed for experienced Java developers who need to learn about each of the new features introduced in Java 8. It explains the syntax and usage of Java 8 lambda expressions, shows the prebuilt functions, covers streams thoroughly, and gives examples of the types of applications to which lambdas and streams are well suited.
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