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Setting Parental Restrictions

If you plan to let your kids play with your iPad, you might want to set some restrictions on what they can do.

  1. Tap the Settings icon on the Home screen.

  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Restrictions.

  4. Tap Enable Restrictions to turn restrictions on.

  5. Type in a four-digit code and then re-enter the code when prompted. Remember this code, or you can’t turn off or change restrictions later.

  6. To remove the Safari, Camera, FaceTime, iTunes, and iBookstore apps from your Home screen, turn the switches to off. The user of the iPad will not be able to access these apps.
  7. The Installing Apps switch prevents new apps from being installed.
  8. Turn Deleting Apps on to prevent the user from removing apps.
  9. Another way to access information on the Internet is to ask Siri. Turn this switch off to prevent that.
  10. Turn AirDrop off to prevent the use of AirDrop for transferring photos and other data to or from this iPad.
  11. The Allowed Content settings enable you to restrict access to various content based on ratings systems and filters. Each works slightly differently depending on the type of content and the way that content is rated. But you can also turn off each of these completely.
  12. You can choose to turn off the In-App Purchases switch completely, or require a password for each purchase, or require the password once every 15 minutes. These settings help parents by preventing kids from making purchases from within an app, such as a game, using their iTunes account.

  13. Tap Location Services to enable or disable location-based functions of all apps, including Find My Phone.
  14. All of the Privacy settings control the use and editing of stored information. For instance, you can set it so Contacts can be accessed fully, allowing changes, or accessed without allowing changes. Each subcategory gives you a list of apps that use the information, and you can turn each app’s access to that information on or off. For instance, you can allow Pages and Keynote to access your photos, but not the Facebook app.
  15. Tap Accounts to disallow adding or changing Internet accounts, such as email, contacts, and calendar events.
  16. Turn Background App Refresh off to stop apps from updating in the background.
  17. The Volume Limit settings allow for a maximum volume limit to be set and adjusted.
  18. Select options in the Game Center functions you want to allow. This will only affect games that use Game Center to communicate with other players. Some apps use their own system of communication or other systems, like Facebook.

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