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Turn On The iCloud Backup Feature

In addition to backing up and syncing app-specific data within your online-based iCloud account (which is definitely something you should do), it’s possible to set up iCloud to automatically create and maintain a backup of your tablet’s other content, personalized settings, and data.

To turn on and begin using the iCloud Backup feature, launch Settings, tap on the iCloud option, and then from the iCloud Control Panel scroll down toward the bottom of the screen and tap on the Storage and Backup option.

From the Storage and Backup submenu (shown in Figure 12.3), turn on the virtual switch associated with iCloud Backup. This only needs to be done once. Now, once per day, as long as your iPad is in sleep mode, has access to a Wi-Fi Internet connection (a cellular data connection will not work), and the tablet is plugged into an external power source, a backup of your tablet will automatically be created or updated and stored “in the cloud” within your iCloud account.


FIGURE 12.3 From the Storage and Backup submenu within Settings, it’s possible to set up and activate the iCloud Backup feature, plus initiate a manual backup of your tablet.

As long as you’re maintaining a backup of your iPad, you can Restore your tablet using these backup files should something go wrong. The Restore process can be done on your existing iPad or on a replacement iPad, as long as a Wi-Fi Internet connection is present.

Once iCloud Backup is turned on, to manually create an online backup of your tablet at anytime, launch Settings, tap on the iCloud option, and then tap on The Storage & Backup option. Next, tap on the Back Up Now option (refer to Figure 12.3). In addition, be sure you have iCloud set up to sync app-specific data from Contacts, Reminders, Notes, Safari, and so on.

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