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Set Up iCloud To Sync App-Specific Data

From the iCloud submenu, you have the ability to turn on app-specific data and file syncing related to a handful of the core apps that come preinstalled with iOS 7. When the iCloud sync feature is turned on for an app, all of the content related to that app is automatically backed up “in the cloud,” becomes accessible to you from the iCloud.com website. It can then automatically sync with all of your other Macs and iOS mobile devices that are linked to the same account.

Keep in mind, if you want your Contacts database to sync with the Contacts app running on your Mac(s), for example, it’s necessary to turn on iCloud functionality on each of your Macs and link each Mac to the same iCloud account as your iPad (by logging in with the same iCloud username and password). Then, you must turn on the app-specific iCloud functionality for the Contacts app from the iCloud Control Panel on each of your Macs separately. Repeat this process for the other compatible apps, like Calendars, Reminders, and Notes.

Likewise, if you want your iPad to sync app-specific data with your iPhone, it’s necessary to access the iCloud submenu from Settings on your iPhone, sign in using the same iCloud account username and password, and then turn on the setting for each separate (and compatible) app that you want to sync with your iPad (Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, Mail, Safari, Notes, Keychain, Photos, etc.).

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