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Problem Determination Tools

Although people never want to encounter problems in their database systems, it happens, so it is important to be able to perform a logical and systematic diagnosis of a database system to identify source of problems. One of the best ways to collect diagnostic data in DB2 data is by using the db2pd tool.

The db2pd Tool

The db2pd tool is a command-line monitoring and troubleshooting tool that collects immediate statistics for DB2 instances and databases. This tool does not degrade the DB2 engine performance because it acquires the information directly from memory, rather than gathering data on the fly. Use this tool for troubleshooting, problem determination, database monitoring, performance tuning, and as an aid in application development design.

The db2pd tool provides many options to display information about database transactions, table spaces, table statistics, dynamic SQL, database configurations, and many other database details; for example

  • To display the operating system information, issue

    db2pd –osinfo
  • To display all instance-related information, issue

    db2pd –inst
  • To display all database-related information to the SAMPLE database, issue

    db2pd –db sample
  • Use the db2pd -help command to display all the available options. This tool is not available through the graphical interface.
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