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Information Tools

To keep DB2 users informed on current and new product information, IBM offers valuable information via different channels such as webcasts, best practice documentations, and product videos. Additionally, every DB2 edition ships two information tools, namely the DB2 Information Center and the Check for DB2 Update tool.

DB2 Information Center

The DB2 Information Center gives you access to all DB2 documentation. It comes with a fast search engine, enabling you to search on any given topic. The DB2 Information Center can be accessed in three different ways:

  • Dynamically through the Internet at http://pic.dhe.ibm.com/infocenter/db2luw/v10r5/index.jsp.
  • Locally on the database server after installing the DB2 Information Center from a separate media DVD.
  • Through a designated server on your company’s intranet. The DB2 Information Center must be installed on that server.

Figure 4.44 shows the Information Center accessed through the Internet. On the left panel there is a list of topics from which you can choose. Each of these topics can be drilled down to subtopics, and selecting a specific subtopic makes the contents panel on the right side display more information. At the top left corner of the Information Center, you find the Search field. Use this field to input any topic or keyword you want to search in the DB2 manuals. Then click the GO button.

Figure 4.44

Figure 4.44 The DB2 Information Center

Checking for DB2 Updates

The Information Center website is periodically updated with new documentation; however, if you have installed the Information Center locally, make sure to check for updates regularly. Use the Check For DB2 Updates option in the DB2 menu to launch the InstallShield Update Service, which is shown in Figure 4.45.

Figure 4.45

Figure 4.45 Checking for DB2 updates

From this site, you can download the refreshed DB2 Information Center image and install it on your server. You can also obtain information about updates to the DB2 code and news about DB2 in general.

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