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Good Programming Practices

In addition to smoothing out collaboration, a good version control system can also help establish better programming practices. For instance, it's a good idea to review your changes before checking them in. A VCS should help you in this task by listing the modified files and showing you the diffs on demand. A differ/editor can greatly simplify this task. Similarly, a VCS should be able to help you review the changes made by others, either during synchronization or at a later time, by comparing historical versions. After going through multiple reviews, your code is bound to be more robust and reliable. You'll spend less time debugging and more time creating new exciting stuff.

To summarize, whether you're working alone or in a team, you should look at a version control system as one of the fundamental tools facilitating the development process. A VCS gives you access to previous versions of your project and can coordinate the work of multiple developers. Its use not only enhances productivity, but can help improve the quality of your work.

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