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Program Variables

When considering individual certifications, the return on investment in terms of salary increases varies with other certifications of the same certification provider. As an example, Figure 10 lists the percent and dollar returns of the 10 most-popular certifications.

Figure 10

The good news derived from the study was that all certification programs did provide candidates a tangible dollar return in terms of increased salary and wages.

Another measurement that can help determine the degree of economic impact of certifications is to aggregate both income and salary increases into an economic index of certification programs. The analysis, or indexing, in Figure 11 gives a more total picture of the economic return of certification-with salary, percent and dollar increase being equal.

Figure 11

Cisco and Oracle certifications provide the best overall economic impact and return on investment to certification holders, followed closely by Novell. Of the seven major certification providers studied, Cisco appear to provide professionals the most economic impact and return on investment.

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