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Think of a data access page as a form. By adding text, graphics, and controls, you can define a rich interface for your end users. A data access page differs from a form in that your users might be viewing the page on a Web site or in email.

In this hour, you learned how to start a data access page with a wizard and perform several kinds of customizations. When you create a form, you can write VBA code to support the behavior of the form. When you create a data access page, the wizards create HTML code to support the page behaviors. You can write custom HTML, if necessary. However, there are several kinds of code that you can write to support a Web page, including HTML, JavaScript, and VBScript. Each of these is a programming language that a browser is capable of interpreting, but, as independent languages, they require further independent study to master. VBScript is the most like VBA. Unfortunately, you cannot use VBScript in the Netscape Web browser; it allows you to use only Internet Explorer from Microsoft.

If you want to create a corporate intranet or Internet, or use Web pages in your business solutions, data access pages will help you get the job done quickly and easily. The Q&A section will provide you with an opportunity to polish your skills.

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