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Take Better Pictures Using These iPhone Apps and Accessories

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In this article, Jason R. Rich describes a handful of iPhone apps, accessories, and services that enable you to take better photos, edit them, and then share them in interesting ways.
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Many iPhone users love the Camera and Photos apps that come bundled with the iOS because they enable them to easily snap digital photos, edit them, and then share them with others in a variety of ways while on-the-go.

With the release of iOS 7 in late 2013, both the Camera and Photos apps were revamped. However, there are also a variety of third-party apps, iPhone accessories, as well as photo-related services, that enhance your ability to snap, edit, and share photos and video using your smartphone.

Take Better Photos Using the iOS 7 Version of the Camera App

With iOS 7, you can immediately notice that the Camera and Photos apps that come bundled with the operating system update have a new look. But beyond just being given a facelift, the apps offer a handful of useful new features. For example, the Camera app now includes four different shooting modes: Video, Photo, Square, and Pano.

As always, use the Video mode to shoot HD video. Use the Photo mode to shoot digital photos using the iPhone’s screen as your viewfinder. The Square shooting mode enables you to shoot square-shaped images that are compatible with online photo sharing services, such as Instagram, whereas the Pano shooting mode enables iPhone users to capture stunning panoramic images. Each of the shooting modes takes full advantage of the iPhone’s built-in front or rear-facing camera, but as always, you can snap higher resolution and more detailed images using the smartphone’s rear-facing camera.

In addition to manually controlling the iPhone’s built-in flash (or have the flash go off automatically when it’s needed), the newly redesigned Camera app offers eight real-time filters. As you actually snap photos, the various filters (including a black-and-white effect) that can be added to an image as it’s being shot displays in a tic-tac-toe screen format. Simply tap on the Filters icon that displays near the lower-right corner of the screen to view the filter options, and then tap on the filter you want to use while viewing the live preview when using the iOS 7 version of the Camera app.

Then, immediately after you shoot a photo with the Camera app, you can preview it on the iPhone’s screen and edit, delete or share it from within the app. When you preview an image, you can also add a special effect filter after the fact, as well as rotate, enhance, and/or crop an image, plus remove red-eye from your subject(s).

Each time a new image is shot, it gets saved within the Camera Roll folder of the Photos app automatically. So, when you launch the Photos app, you have the ability to view, organize, edit, enhance, print, or share each of your images.

Among the features offered by the iOS 7 version of the Photos app are new ways to automatically organize your images by date, location, or manually. The Share button within the app now reveals a greatly expanded menu of options. You can share images via email, instant/text message, iCloud Shared Photo Stream, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, or use the AirDrop for iOS feature (which enables you to wirelessly transfer photos to another Mac, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch user who is in close proximity to you).

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