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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Using Voice Services

If you don’t like tapping and typing (or are driving, making such activities dangerous and probably illegal), you can use S Voice, Voice Control, and Google Search/Voice Actions to control the phone. Note that Voice Control and Google Search run independently of S Voice.

S Voice and S Voice Driving Mode

S Voice is a voice app that enables you to ask questions in natural language (“Where can I find pizza?”) and launch apps (“Open Calculator”). The result may be a direct answer, a web search, or the launch of an appropriate app, such as Maps. You can also turn on S Voice’s Drive mode for hands-free navigation.

S Voice

  1. First Run Only: Launch S Voice by tapping Apps, followed by S Voice.

  2. The S Voice screen appears. Say your first question or command. For example, you might ask, “What’s the weather like today?” to see the weather forecast for your city. S Voice displays the information it finds.
  3. To ask S Voice the next question or give it a new command, tap the microphone button or say the wake-up phrase. (“Hi, Galaxy” is the default phrase.)

S Voice Driving Mode

S Voice Driving mode is a hands-free mode in which you can control the phone with your voice. Driving mode has a simplified interface with larger text, so you can easily read the prompts when the phone is mounted on your dash. In Driving mode, your phone automatically speaks notifications to make you aware of them.

To switch to Driving mode:

  1. To activate S Voice, press the Home key twice or tap Apps, followed by S Voice.
  2. Say “Driving mode on.”

  3. The S Voice screen switches to Driving mode. Read the Driving Mode dialog box, and tap OK to dismiss it.

  4. To give a command, say “Hi, Galaxy” (or the wake-up phrase you’ve set) and then speak the command. For example, say “Navigate to Phoenix, Arizona.”

  5. When you finish using Driving mode, say “Hi, Galaxy” to get S Voice’s attention and then say “Driving mode off.” S Voice restores its regular screen and announces that it has deactivated Driving mode.

Voice Control

When Voice Control is enabled, you can use voice commands to control Phone, Clock, Camera, and Music. (Some carriers may also support voice control of other apps, such as ChatON.)

  1. On the Home screen, press the Menu key and tap Settings.

  2. Select the My Device tab.
  3. Scroll to the Input and Control section. Enable Voice Control by moving its slider to the On position, and tap OK to dismiss the Voice Control dialog box that appears.
  4. To specify the apps that you want to control, tap Voice Control.

  5. On the screen that appears, add or remove check marks to enable/disable Voice Control in each app.

Google Voice Search

Using the voice input feature of Google Search, you can perform a web search, find people in Contacts, or issue commands—called voice actions—to apps.

  1. On a Home screen page that contains the Google Search widget, tap the microphone icon to its right. (From the Home screen, you can also tap Apps, followed by Voice Search.)

  2. Say the search text, such as “Samsung Galaxy S 4,” or issue a voice action command, such as “Listen to Talking Heads,” “Call Jameson Auto Body,” or say the name of a person or company in Contacts.

Voice Recorder

When you need to make a voice note or capture some audio, you can use the Voice Recorder app.

  1. On the Home screen, tap Apps.

  2. Tap Voice Recorder.

  3. Tap the microphone icon to switch between Normal and High quality recording. When High quality is enabled, the icon has two white arcs above it.
  4. Tap to start recording.

  5. Tap to stop the recording.

  6. In the Recorded Files list, tap the recording to listen to it.

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