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Troubleshooting Macros

Having trouble getting your macros to run? You might need to change your security setting. Macros can carry viruses, so built-in security measures are set to detect them. Choose Tools, Macro, Security and change the setting to Medium. This should resolve the problem.

If you keep getting error messages while you're building a macro, you might be having collisions with a macro already built into Word. Remember I mentioned earlier that you can't use the built-in Word 2003 Watermark facility to set up a one-click macro? This is why.

If you don't know VBA, debugging and editing macros is probably not an option. If a Word 2003 macro doesn't operate the way you want, delete it. If by a third time it still doesn't work, consider just conducting that operation manually, as trying to deduce why it doesn't work can be hard on your nerves, causing you to glance frequently from your screen to the fire axe in its windowed enclosure. The minute you start visualizing that axe cutting through your monitor, close out the macro at once. Those little window enclosures have alarms on them for several good reasons.

Happily, most macros do work properly the moment they're born, and they go on from there to save you time, energy, and frustration. Give them a try. One day, when you're pressing Alt+J for the fifteenth time instead of typing judgment non obstante veredicto in that snappy article about the law's delays, you'll thank me!

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