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This chapter is from the book

Most Difficult Trail


This is the black diamond run. If you are confident that you already know how to build analysis models and that you understand the viewpoints, the Most Difficult Trail is for you. This trail will lead you through the Project Section without any help from the Textbook Section. At the end of each Project chapter, you will be directed to sample models and a discussion of the answer in Section 3.

If you choose this Most Difficult Trail, we assume that you already have all of the necessary analysis modeling skills, and are using this book because you want a demanding case study to give you some real experience in applying those skills. Along with the case study experience, this trail will also teach you about choosing the best analysis strategy for a given project.

Don’t be intimidated by this trail. If at any stage you find it too tough, the Trail Guides provide an escape by showing you an easier path through the book. This trail is marked by the diamond.jpg symbol.

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