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Choosing Any Trail

If you pick a trail that turns out to be too easy, switch to a more challenging trail. Alternatively, if your trail is turning out to be too tough, you can always jump onto an easier trail. As you become familiar with the progression of the chapters, you can switch back and forth between trails, or select chapters to suit your own purposes.

Whichever trail you take, as you work through the case study, you will be guided to Section 3 for the answers to each Project chapter. This section gives more than just answers. Analysis is a human skill, and different analysts produce different answers to the same question. The real skill of analysis is raising all the questions.

Section 3 gives you alternative answers, and a discussion of why and how our answers were formulated. There is also a discussion of how to conduct the analysis, and the problems that you are likely to have when doing analysis under the circumstances posed with the problem. Section 3 is valuable. Don’t miss it.

At the beginning of each chapter, you will find a short list of the chapters that you should have passed through to reach that point. If you need a particular skill to complete part of the Project, that skill will be mentioned. If you need to understand a particular viewpoint, that, too, will be listed. The list has another benefit: If you wander off your trail or forget where you are, the list will help you rejoin your trail. To help you keep track of where you are in this book, we have listed the chapters visited by each trail. You will find these trial guides listed inside the back cover of this book. Once you start following a trail, you may wish to chart your progress on one of these guides.

No matter which trail you take, if you get into trouble, there is always the Ski Patrol.

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