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Giving the Presentation

Once you have your OperaShow slides finished, you're ready to give your slides a look. You'll want to do this to make sure that everything looks good:

  • The slides are formatted properly.

  • There isn't too much text on a slide.

  • Nothing extends beyond the bottom of a slide.

If you notice any problems, just open the HTML file in your editor and fix the errors.

To view your slides, open the HTML file that you created in Opera. Figure 2 shows such a file that's just been opened in Opera:

Figure 2Figure 2 An OperaShow file in screen display mode.

Don't worry if you can't see your slides. You haven't started OperaShow yet. To start OperaShow, press F11. Your slides will appear, as in the sample in Figure 3.

Figure 3Figure 3 An actual OperaShow slide in action.

To maneuver through the slide show, just press the Page Down and Page Up buttons on your keyboard.

Of course, your slides don't have to look like this. Using CSS, you can apply any formatting that you want. I've seen OperaShow slides that use watermarked background images, GIF animations, and a variety of font techniques. What you can do with your slides is limited only by your imagination and knowledge of CSS.

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