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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating a Customized User Interface

Photoshop’s pull-down menus actually contain hundreds of options (yes, I did say hundreds). If you find navigating through menus a hassle, then Adobe has the answer to your problem with a customizable user interface. In Photoshop, you have the ability to choose what menu items appear on the pull-down menus and you can even colorize certain menu items for easier visibility. If you no longer want to use a customized set, you can delete it and restore Photoshop back to the default.

Create and Work with a Customized User Interface

  • yellow_1.jpg Click the Window menu, point to Workspace, and then click Keyboard Shortcuts & Menus.
  • yellow_2.jpg Click the Menus tab.
  • yellow_3.jpg To create a new set based on the current active set, click the Create a New Set button, enter a name, and then click Save.
  • yellow_4.jpg Click the Set list arrow, and then select a listing of modified User Interfaces.

    • Delete Set. Select the set, and then click the Delete button.
    • Restore Original Set. Select the Photoshop Default set.
  • yellow_5.jpg Click the Menu For list arrow, and then click Application Menus or Panel Menus with the items you want to modify.
  • yellow_6.jpg Click an arrow (left column) to expand the menu that contains the command you want to modify.
  • yellow_7.jpg Click the Visibility icon associated with a command to show or hide the command.
  • yellow_8.jpg Click the Color list arrow, and select a color for the selected command.
  • yellow_9.jpg Click the Save All Changes button to save the new customized User Interface.
  • yellow_10.jpg Click OK.
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