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Forward and Back

Once the shape is created with perfect symmetry, other distortions and transformations can help you create additional shapes and effects, such as creating perspective or distortion. Shapes can also be combined in combinations to create complex shapes. They can be used, for example, to help standardize Web buttons and appearances.

With symmetrical shapes created, there is no reason why the development needs to stop there. Shapes can be filled; applying filters, effects, and/or Layer Styles can help you use even simple shapes in very creative ways.

If you aren't clear about any of the techniques or ideas described in this article, you can find out more by referring to Special Edition Using Adobe Photoshop 6, as follows:

    Creating Vector Paths with the Pen Tool: p. 178–184

    Path Management: p. 185–188

    Aligning Path Segments: p. 189[nd192

    Getting Paths from Other Sources: p. 192–194

    Stroking and Filling Paths: p. 196–198

    Clipping Paths: p. 188–189

    Layer Clipping Paths: p. 62–64

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