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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating a Table of Contents

A table of contents (TOC) appears at the beginning of a document, typically a long one, with page numbers associated with the beginning of main sections of the document. InDesign creates a table of contents based on the styles applied to paragraphs in the document. The table of content displays the text and page number associated with the paragraph styles. For example, when you apply different styles for chapter and topic titles in this book, you create a table of contents based on chapters and topics. So, before you can create a table of contents, you need to apply paragraph styles to text in your document.

Prepare for and Create a Table of Contents

  • yellow_1.jpg To prepare for creating a table of contents, do the following:

    • Add Page for TOC. Add a page for the table of contents.
    • Add Paragraph Styles. Apply different paragraph styles to the text that you want to use in the table of contents.
  • yellow_2.jpg Click the Layout menu, and then click Table of Contents.
  • yellow_3.jpg Enter text for the title of the table of contents, and then use the Styles menu to select a style for the title text.
  • yellow_4.jpg Select the paragraph styles that are applied to text in your document (under Other Styles), and then click Add to include them in the other list (under Include Paragraph Styles).

    • To remove a style, select it (under Include Paragraph Styles), and then click Remove.
  • yellow_5.jpg To format an entry in the table of contents, select the entry (under Include Paragraph Styles), click the Entry Style list arrow, and then select a style.
  • yellow_6.jpg Click More Options to display additional options.
  • yellow_7.jpg Select any of the following advanced options:

    • Page Number. Select a position for the entry’s page number.
    • Between Entry and Number. Select a separator character between the entry and the number.
    • Sort Entries in Alphabetical Order. Select to alphabetize the table of contents.
    • Level. Select an indent level for each entry in the table of contents.
  • yellow_8.jpg Select any of the following options:

    • Create PDF Bookmarks. Select to add bookmarks to the PDF created from the table of contents.
    • Replace Existing Table of Contents. Select to update or change the table of contents.
    • Include Book Documents. Select to create a table of contents of all the documents in a book.
    • Numbered Paragraphs. Select to format how paragraphs with auto numbering are formatted.
    • Run-In. Select to create a single paragraph table of contents with each entry separated by a semicolon (;) and a space.
    • Include Text on Hidden Layers. Select to use hidden text on layers.
  • yellow_9.jpg Click OK.

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